This article is for students of the Dual Diploma program who use both Maestro and Colegia and reside outside the United States.  

Please do not follow these instructions if all parts of the above statement do not apply to your situation.

If you are an active Dual Diploma student, have forgotten your password and are unable to reset it using the Forgot Password Link please go to

  • In the first box enter your "Colegia Email
    • This is the email that ends with
    • It is the login to Colegia
  • In the second box enter your "Email in System"
    • This is the email address on file for you in Maestro, where you get email from your Dual Diploma teacher
    • It could be a Gmail, yahoo, outlook or one issued by your physical school, etc.

  • After clicking submit you will receive an email at you “Email in System” with a link to reset the password for the “Colegia Email” aka the Colegia login.  
  • The password you select must be at least 8 characters.
  • If you are still unable to reset please open a ticket for Support to do a reset